Under Pressure

I’m still super busy, but I was able to steal a few minutes to check in on Betty today. I went out and bought a compression tester to test the compression in the cylinder. The way it works is you screw one end of a hose in to where the spark plug goes, and the other end has the gauge (is it “gauge” or “gage”? Cause I feel like I’ve seen it both ways). Then you kick the kickstarter a few times and ta-da, your pressure reading. I was actually pretty surprised to get a reading of over 95 psi! I looked up what it should be and found on a forum that it probably should be around 120-150 psi, but I’m actually not too upset about the 95+ reading. It likely means I need new piston rings (not surprising considering the ones in there are probably little rings of dust at this point), but I don’t really want to go exploring in the cylinder until I’ve got everything else sorted out. I figure at 90 psi I probably won’t be entering any drag races, but I can at least get the engine started with that and then I can go fine-tune.IMG_5056

I also decided to take the cover off the flywheel because I read somewhere to check if the flywheel is demagnetized. I got the cover off and with it came a lot of sand, but when I got to the rotor/fan part, I was at a loss of how to get under there because it’s riveted on. I’ll have to look into it, but for now I just took out all the sand and put the cover back on; A task for another day.

Finally, I decided to try to take the wheels off. They’ll have to be replaced at some point and it’ll make it easier to move Betty around, plus that’ll be an easy task that I can surely complete! Right? Wrong. Holy moly those bolts are stuck on there. I used WD-40 and got one bolt to move, but the rest really didn’t want to budge. Decided to wait until the muscle got home (aka husband) to see if he could help. Kind of a bummer to have to walk away from a seemingly easy task, but I’ve got other stuff to do and don’t want to waste time yanking on a bunch of bolts when Brendan can probably do it in a quarter of the time.

So in the end, not a very exciting update, but c’est la vie. Finals start next week and I’ve got a group project due tomorrow so it was nice just to spend a few minutes with Betty anyway. Testing the compression was also kind of exciting and a bit relieving to find something in there that remotely resembles a functioning machine. Still working on how to get a spark. I got the suggestion to change the wires, which is a good idea, but I’m not sure how to do that…I’ll let you know when I figure it out.


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