Quick Update 2

Hi all, just wanted to say I have emerged from the darkness that is finals and completed my semester and started my internship! That means my schedule is much more predictable and I can get back to work on Betty! Woohoo! The spiders have gotten comfortable again so I’m going to need to send exterminator-Brendan in once more before I really get back in there.

Today I went out and bought a jack stand (actually I bought 2 because they come in a pack of 2) so I can get in there a little easier. The Vespa 90 has to be one of the more annoying models of the Vespa to work on because there is a lip over the engine that you can’t remove. I can’t confirm it is the most annoying model to work on for sure, but based on my observations thus far, it is.


Anyway, looking forward to getting back to work. I will keep you posted!


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