Sometimes You Just Need a Little Teamwork

Shout out to the husband aka Spider-Killer aka Brendan! I’ve been casually asking him to get the wheels off Betty for a while because they’re very stuck and he is much stronger than me, and today I saw my window and was like, “can you take the wheels off NOW?”. Sometimes you have to stop being vague to get what you want. So we worked together to get the wheels off and were met with great success! FINALLY!! I sat on Betty to keep the wheel from spinning and Brendan acted as the muscle. IMG_5862IMG_5864IMG_5865

(Ps. Shout out to The San Diego Lions, the Australian Football Team Brendan plays with! Great group of people and apparently lots of fun, but I wouldn’t know because I refuse to go to the “co-ed kicks” because I am not sporty. At all. Their Facebook page, if you’re interested.)

So with the wheels off came finally a feeling of accomplishment, however small it may be. Also, I found out that I was right that there is another bolt holding on that cover over the cylinder, which you can only access with the back wheel off. So basically you have to take the wheel off to work on the engine. Cause that totally makes sense? Imagine if that were the case with your car… Anyway, here are the goodies that were revealed with the back wheel gone:


Obviously much work to do in there, but I will keep chugging along however slowly and continue to learn each step of the way. For now I have other obligations this evening so more work will have to wait, but feeling optimistic that I got one more baby step there! Thanks again to the hubs! Always nice to feel supported by your significant other, he’s the best. 🙂


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