Back At It

I know, I know, I’ve been neglecting Betty. I’m sorry. Sometimes life just gets in the way. But today I had some free time and decided to sit with her for a bit and actually left feeling pretty positive! Some highlights:

I opened [what I think is] the junction box. I’m kind of intimidated by wiring stuff (hence studying mechanical engineering, not electrical), so I’m hoping this piece can be replaced as a whole. If not then I will just have to figure it out.

I also decided to take the engine out of the frame to work on it. I know right now my goal is to get a spark, and that still is my goal, but I’m finding I have to complete sub-goals before I can reach that one. This model of Vespa (the Vespa 90) has to be one of the worst models to work on. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was designed by an intern and then after making like 10 of them they decided to put everyone out of their misery and redesign it. Basically it’s very difficult to access parts of the scooter while it’s together so taking the engine out will allow me to work on what I want to work on, and clean and replace other parts that I was trying to avoid. I also think it’s a very doable task — famous last words, right?

Today I got the kickstarter off, the bolt on the exhaust that mounts it to the frame (actually Brendan had to help me with this one), and WD-40’d (that’s definitely a verb) some of the bolts that I know I will have to take off. I’m feeling pretty positive about what I have to do so hopefully that will be a motivator to visit Betty more frequently. Also I feel like I will really learn the ins and outs of a scooter while I do this, which was the whole point. Now putting this all back together so that it works again…? No promises.


Lastly, I’ve been working on getting over my fear of the spiders who reside in Betty. I feel really proud of myself for really getting in there today and I’m such a dork that I made Brendan take a picture of me doing just that. He didn’t even make fun of me at all, what a guy. (Ps. Happy 1 year anniversary to us yesterday)


Anyway, hopefully I will have a detached engine to share with you soon. Don’t hold your breath though, I’m a busy girl!



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