From Crawling to Walking

MAJOR progress today, guys. I’m about 98% ready to remove the engine from the frame. I’ll get to that 2% in a minute, but first let me tell you about the 98% part.

First of all, huge shout out to my husband for being so helpful today, and to Randy, my father’s mechanic and friend up in San Francisco, who is so kind and knowledgeable and let me call him this evening to talk through my problems. Only my scooter problems, though, not all the other problems I have ;). THANK YOU!!!

Okay, so my major accomplishment today was getting the carburetor out. I literally took every screw out of it trying to figure out how to remove it from the intake tube (which apparently I shouldn’t have done…Oh well…) and I STILL couldn’t figure out how to remove it. After some online research, light pulling and tugging, and maybe a little pleading with some higher powers, I decided to email Randy. He had offered his help a while ago and I figured I would use one of my lifelines and take him up on that offer. He emailed back almost immediately and told me we could talk on the phone if I prefer, which I also took him up on. Basically he told me that he wasn’t really sure how the carb was being held on to the intake tube, but based on pictures and descriptions, he thinks it might be a rubber sleeve. He gave me permission to put a little WD-40 on it, and just pull and twist until it came off. I said, “say no more” and got in there and gave it a good tug and, “POP”, it’s off. Hallelujah. I proudly walked into the house with carburetor in hand to show Brendan.

There it is in all of its dusty glory. I have some serious cleaning to do in my future.

Another very satisfying task that happened today was removing the biggest bolt I’ve ever seen that holds the engine on the frame (Brendan helped me out with this one). I know they make bigger bolts out there, but this is the biggest one I’ve seen and I felt very excited about it. I took about 100 excited selfies with it and then deleted pretty much all of them. Here’s one for you to enjoy, as well as the bolt in my hand:

Lastly, I undid the junction box and it was much less intimidating than I originally thought it was. For those who also didn’t know what it was, the screw just holds together the wires and the wires have little metal loops at the end that the screw goes in to in order to make the wires meet. I took pictures of it to record which wire goes where when it’s time to put it back together:


For some reason there are also lots of dead spiders in there. I’m not sure why spiders would go in a tiny dark closed box, but I try not to spend a lot of time thinking about spiders so I’ll leave that question for someone else. I don’t need the answer.

Okay now we get to the reason why I’m not showing you a picture of the engine detached yet. It’s not a good reason, I just got too excited and didn’t think everything through. Oh well, made another mistake. I thought I had removed everything and unhooked all the cables, but turns out I hadn’t unhooked all the cables. We found that out in a very dramatic fashion when Brendan was trying to help me lift the frame while I held the engine then I realized what had happened. Also hadn’t thought through the kickstand coming undone and the scooter falling over. High drama. Everyone is fine, though. The engine is now resting on Brendan’s car jack because he doesn’t have to drive anytime soon.


So now I have to figure out how to get these cables out. They are VERY stuck and I’m considering clipping them since I will likely be replacing them anyway. I’m dealing with the brakes and clutch. If you think clipping these would be a very bad idea, please let me know ASAP because it is extremely tempting.

It feels good to be making real progress! With everything that I do I feel like I’m moving in the right direction and it becomes more clear what I need to do next. I’m starting to feel like I can really get this thing running! Thanks to everyone who has given advice and support!


2 thoughts on “From Crawling to Walking”

  1. The problem with the brake cable is that it is basically glued in there with gunk. The clutch I haven’t even found where to disconnect, but I know it’s directly underneath the engine.


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