Cleaning Pt. 1

Did some initial “gunk scraping” (that’s the technical term) today and it was very satisfying.



AAAaaaaahhhh. So good. Still more cleaning to do, but man that was satisfying. For those curious, I used a flat head screwdriver and a plastic paint scraper to scrape the gunk away. Still looking for recommendations on cleaning solutions to use to get the last layer off. Once I clean off the rest of the cobwebs (literally) then the real work can be done.


1 thought on “Cleaning Pt. 1”

  1. There is a one gallon can for dipping/soaking carburetor parts– it comes with a strainer basket. Smells bad, works amazingly well. I like spray brake cleaner (though it’s highly flammable!). Some people swear by Simple Green but it’s aqueous. And, there’s always parts cleaner– a solvent used commercially.


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