Back From The Store

Got some goodies at Vespa Motorsport today! I came in with parts in hand and Kevin remembered me from when I stopped in back in March or April to talk about where to get started. I guess there aren’t a lot of 5’4″ girls who come in holding vintage Vespa parts? Anyway, he was super helpful as he was last time, and I walked away with some new toys.

First up I got a new HT coil assembly. I’m hoping this will allow me to get a spark. Kevin helped me replace one of the wires that doesn’t come in the box and put a new rubber end on it. He also let me know that I could reuse the little clips from mine, but warned that they don’t make the rubber pieces anymore so to be careful when removing them (thanks, Kevin!).

I also got a new clip that goes on the spark plug (I get to reuse my old cap because it’s in pretty good shape), but I’m nervous about attaching it to the wire. Anyone have suggestions or am I overthinking it? Here is the old one and the new one:

Follow up question: The connector is obviously too narrow right now to attach to the spark plug. Am I supposed to just pull it apart a little to make it wider?

Okay, next up I got a set of new cables for when I’m ready for that. I figure it’s probably easier to thread those through while the engine is out, so I’ll likely want to do that before I put it back in.


I’m not even going to open that bag right now cause I have no idea how to deal with those things, but I guess I’ll just have to figure it out…as always.

Lastly, I did not buy a new cylinder head, but instead I’m going to fix up mine. To jog everyone’s memory, here it is:


First of all, Kevin told me this is a higher quality one that allows for higher compression (woohoo!). He also told me to use something to rub on the surface that will make it smooth and give it a better seal. For the life of me I cannot remember what that substance is called, but I’m pretty sure it’s mentioned in one of my manuals so I’ll figure it out. He also said it wasn’t a big deal that the entire piece was a bit warped, as long as that inner surface is round and smooth. So I’ll have to clean that out.

And that’s it! I definitely have my work cut out for me, which is good. Aside from the tasks previously mentioned, I also need to take the cylinder barrel off so that I can inspect that and replace the rings and gasket, which Keven said will give me that higher compression that I’m looking for. After I get all that replaced and put back together, I’m thinking I’ll at least thread the cables through and then put the engine back in. That way I can test for compression and a spark more easily since it’s hard to kick the kickstarter when it’s lying on a table. Also, if I don’t end up getting a spark I’ll have to go under the flywheel, which will probably be easier while the engine is mounted on the frame. I’m sort of hoping I don’t have to do that, but I do think it’s pretty standard when working on a scooter so maybe it’s inevitable. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. Clearly I have a lot of work to do and as we all know by know, there will likely be some other issue that comes up along the way.


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